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With the evolution of the internet and web centric applications, a void has been formed in the education industry. There is no Enterprise level solution that addresses many of the issues school systems now face. When a child transfers from one school to another, paper work must be filed and sent to the new school alerting them to this fact. If a parent requests information regarding a grade their child received again a piece of paper is needed. No more, EAA fills this gap. It enables schools to step up to the same playing field as the rest of the world. It allows a school system to showcase how it is working. Welcome to DaxterEDU!

This system is an enterprise system that enables a school system to measure the growth of their students on an individual basis.  Not only does it take into account the students grades, but it measures their personal development.  For example a student that raises their grades from C's and D's to B's and C's has made marked improvement.  Too often, however, these achievments go unnoticed. 

DaxterEDU Project Development News

02/25/2004 The design process begins...
We are in the process of gathering requirments and ideas for a potential system to help school systems unify their data into a central location. 



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